Devy Ferdianto

Printmaking Studio Director

A jazz big band music lover with fine art background specialized in printmaking techniques. Dedicated my life to music and visual art education as lecturer, big band conductor and printmaking workshop instructor. I am a big fan of Max Ernst, a german pioneer of the Dada movement and surrealism. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) and took further education and skills apprenticeships at Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig, Germany and Canadian School for Non-Toxic Printmaking, Canada. After retiring from lecturing at a design college I moved to Bali to experience a new printmaking adventure.

Lina Nata

Managing Director

An absolute cat lady committed to taking care one cat at a time. My first love with art is through oil painting, which is still in steady relationship with oil painting until this very day. I have massive love for lowbrow culture, especially pop surrealism. Big fans of Mark Ryden.

Graduated from Maranatha Christian University Bandung and Guangxi Normal University China. Originally from Bandung, happened to work as General Manager at an art center in Jakarta for several years now moving to Ubud to build my dream studio.